Drawings by the big people.

  The adult drawing classes have ended now...these are some of last year's results.  Some of these students had never drawn since primary school.

Tonal excercise by Kathleen.  May 2012. 

                      Drawing Instruments by Shirley.  May 2012

Ducks by Shirley.  This was an excercise where students drew from an upside down image. May 2012

John's ink and wash - April 13
Some of these students are getting good!

                                                   Portrait by John
This week we did some follow up on portraits and introduced ink and wash techniques using a variety of drawing tools including eye droppers, bamboo pens and regular pen and nib pens.
I aim to keep the lessons interesting by combining contemporary and traditional methods and some of my own invented methods. 
                                           Hand mannequin studies by John
Plastic sauce bottle by Brigid

 Brigid - Self Portrait

John - Self Portraid

After that we moved on to looking at the proportions of the average head after which the students drew a portrait of me with the following results...!

                                                       Portrait of Maria - by Brigid
                                                  Wanted Dead or Alive! - By John
                                                              Maria - By Rachel
I'm the one on the right - by Youdit